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Brinker Carpets imports some of its rugs from the Far East. In order to fill the containers with purchase orders and automate logistics in a smart way, the wholesaler partnered with SAP Business One and Aiden in 2016.

Partly through integrations with a module for container management and carriers, Brinker gains a lot of time savings and more insight into the company's performance.

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Switching to logistics software package

For administrative recording and control of its processes, Brinker Carpets previously worked with Unit4 Multivers. Co-owner Ingeborg Brinker talks about the switch to SAP Business One:

"Unit4 was an accounting package, whereas our challenge is actually in logistics. For that reason, we made the switch to SAP Business One, where the inventory-specific part is highly developed."

Add-on for Container Management

Brinker Carpets imports rugs by container from countries such as India and China. To manage the incoming flow of goods, Brinker opted for a container management module. This add-on was developed specifically for SAP Business One and integrates seamlessly with the ERP system.

Ingeborg Brinker explains: "With the container module, we can conveniently merge multiple purchase orders to smartly fill containers. Because the software has already preconceived the layout, you no longer need a 'fingerspitzengefühl' (situational awareness) to avoid leaving space unused. This allows us to use our time more efficiently. This was not possible in our Unit4 version."

Within Brinker, a dashboard is used to stay in control of the logistical and financial processes. For example, it shows outstanding deliveries as well as deliveries that are ready in the warehouse. "This way, I can stop invoices if the delivery has not yet taken place, or free up more time when the number of orders to be invoiced increases. My colleague works primarily with the sales-related dashboards. This involves, for example, checking the sales data and the number of orders entered and open items."

Brinker works with the CRM for Outlook module to handle and follow up on service requests. Based on an incoming mail, a request can be automatically created in SAP Business One from Microsoft Outlook. Further steps are automated here, including automatic emails and alerts. Brinker also uses the Intercompany module, which ensures, via automatic bookings, that sister companies Brinker and No Limits can easily supply each other in terms of administration.

Container shipment tracking via status updates

The entire path of a container can be tracked through the container add-on. Depending on status updates such as "Departed" or "In NL port", an electronic message — such as the advance notice of a container's contents — is automatically sent to Verhoek. After its arrival, the batch is booked as received in SAP Business One. Follow-up documents such as deliveries are also created semi-automatically.

EDI link with carrier

Another expansion is the warehouse link with carrier Verhoek, which keeps Brinker's carpets in stock and delivers them directly to the customer.

"This integration saves us a tremendous amount of time. When a new customer order comes in, SAP automatically sends a pick order to Verhoek via EDI. When the goods are delivered, this is fed back to our administration. SAP also automatically sends an advance notice that the carpets will be delivered. The delivery can then be invoiced directly," says Ingeborg Brinker.

Brinker has taken a major step forward in its automation with SAP Business One and AGION, says Ingeborg Brinker.

"Aiden did a great job of working with us to make processes more efficient and to reduce the number of human actions. Examples include automatic container scheduling, incoming orders via EDI, digital invoice processing with Elvy, and submitting service requests from Outlook to SAP. They advised us well in this regard and laid out workable solutions that save us time on a daily basis."

Widely applicable


Would Ingeborg recommend SAP Business One to other wholesalers?

"SAP is widely applicable and offers many possibilities. We have already automated many operations, which saves us a lot of time and therefore increases our margin and scalability. We can get even more out of the system. So for a business of our size and larger, the package definitely adds value."

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