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Easywalker is experiencing wild growth. In seven years, the baby carriage manufacturer's sales have increased fivefold. To facilitate further growth and tap into new markets, the company is implementing SAP Business One ERP software.


"Implementing e-commerce functionality is no problem at all with the future-oriented SAP Business One"



The history of Easywalker starts in 1989, with a butcher from Amsterdam who single-handedly assembled and marketed a baby carriage with three instead of four wheels — a first for Europe. Thirty years later, the company operates in forty countries and now has strollers in its range in addition to baby carriages. In 2018, sales grew by nearly 50 percent.

The next step in Easywalker's development is direct sales to consumers through its own web shop, in addition to current sales through stores. "We had to prepare our enterprise resource planning system for that," says Axel Augustinus, E-Commerce Director at Easywalker. "You have to deal with new channels and a web shop that you have to link."

However, Easywalker was using an outdated ERP system that was no longer adequate for the task. The software was slow and the reports did not provide sufficient insight, such as about meeting agreed delivery dates. And with the company's continued growth, the system was increasingly put to the test. "You just knew: If I put any more data into it, it's going to break down," says Manager of Finance & Operations Tim Grooteman.

After a period of internal and external process optimization, replacing the system was therefore high on Grooteman's wish list. "For us, it was important for the new system to support the two major 'life streams' within our business. We deliver from inventory to stores in several countries in Europe, but we also ship containers of strollers to countries in Asia. This means that we have to deal with different order processing, cash flows and margin calculations. We also wanted to do the service and quality monitoring from the ERP system. If there are recurring problems, an alarm should go off automatically."

After assessing the market, Easywalker chose SAP Business One. This small business management software connects and streamlines processes and grows with the organization. Among other benefits, the reports and analyses within SAP Business One and the insight offered appealed to Grooteman. One example is that deviations from Easywalker's KPIs, such as late delivery, show up immediately. Another plus is the flexibility of the system. "For example, you can add a field or build a counter yourself, without the need for customization."

To set up SAP Business One, the baby carriage manufacturer enlisted the help of Aiden. This SAP partner also carried out the necessary modifications and arranged workshops for the users.


Ready for the B2C market

"We are now able to manage forty countries from one central tool," notes Grooteman with satisfaction. "And when the setup of SAP Business One is fully finished, we'll be able to start thinking about our steps towards B2C. Then all the streams will come together."

"For that, we not only need to build a web shop, but also link it to the ERP system and implement e-commerce functionality," concludes Augustinus. "But that's not a problem at all with the future-oriented SAP Business One."

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