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Serax is an international wholesaler based in Kontich, Belgium. Serax was founded in 1987 and started by selling a range of flower pots. The company has since become a trendsetter in decorative items and sells over 4,000 interior objects. Each year, Serax participates in several trade fairs in different countries. For example, they are represented at trade fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Stockholm.


Serax has been a client since 2011. During that year, Aiden carried out a re-implementation of SAP Business One, making its financial and logistics processes more efficient. Since January 2012, Aiden has also been taking care of Serax's Private Cloud, including its international web shops, their complete ICT management, and the scanning solution for the trade fairs.

  • - Maintenance of master data (customers, items, prices, etc.) in the central SAP Business One database through full integration with additional Aiden products.


    - Private Cloud for SAP Business One, Scanning XML, and the Magento Connector.


    - ICT management of office and showroom workplaces by Aiden.


    - At trade fairs, Aiden takes care of the entire IT infrastructure, such as the Wi-Fi stations, the iPads and iPods running SAP Business One, Scanning XML, and the Catalog app.


    - Scanning XML allows for orders and quotes to be recorded, and customers to be created, on location, such as at a trade fair or in the showroom.


    - Sales documents are sent digitally to the customer with AutoDoc SAP/HSE.


  • - Inventory of entire collection processed directly in SAP Business One, through integration with Scanning XML.


    - All webshops (NL, EN, FR, IT) are controlled from one SAP Business One database using the Magento Connector.


    - Different currencies are supported in the web shops and in SAP Business One.


    - Catalog app on iPad based on web shop data, for online and offline sales by sales representatives on the road and at trade fairs.

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