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WaterBear Network is the first interactive streaming platform focused on the future of our planet. The network uses storytelling as a tool to make a difference.

WaterBear provides access to award-winning, inspirational content that allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding, learn more and take action to promote a better climate, greater biodiversity, more sustainability, more community engagement, more diversity, and even more improvements.

WaterBear offers inspiring stories and gets people involved, helping them to think more positively and make an impact. All partner organizations present their work and show what they stand for. WaterBear combines these projects with extraordinary stories. Members are told what they can do to contribute and the platform brings everyone together.

By now, more than 300 organizations have already signed up for the platform and this number is growing rapidly. WaterBear was looking for more speed for its ERP system so it could go live as soon as possible, grow rapidly, and become an essential streaming platform. The environment of the WaterBear network is complex; many interactions are taking place. WaterBear needed to launch several elements to enable members to engage in interactions. Looking for a flexible system that could handle this complexity from a financial system standpoint, WaterBear chose SAP.

WaterBear has set the bar high. The platform is aiming for 700,000 members in its first year, and five million members after five years.

"We want to provide our members and the NGOs with the best possible experience. This calls for a modern marketing solution that enables relevant and personalized communication," says Victor Edward Eckard, Managing Director of WaterBear. "We also need a future-proof ERP system that streamlines business processes and facilitates growth."

After conversations between WaterBear Network and Aiden, there was an obvious click between the two: WaterBear and Aiden both want to apply their expertise to make a positive impact. Within a month, Aiden had SAP Business ByDesign set up for WaterBear and key functionalities were live. For this implementation, Aiden worked with SAP Netherlands.


The combination of SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Business ByDesign provided a solid foundation for the launch of the video streaming platform in late 2020. WaterBear is excited about both solutions. SAP Business ByDesign gives the company control over its financial processes and reporting, but also helps with project management around the production of new video content. SAP Marketing Cloud also has great advantages. The integration with the WaterBear platform allows the organization to categorize members based on areas of interest and type of content. This allows for better recommendations and targeted communication.


At the beginning of the summer of 2020, WaterBear Network was just an idea. In July, Aiden was approached and asked to build a system that could grow with the platform. Louis Botha, head of Finance at WaterBear, explains:

"During our introductory meeting with Peter Ouëndag, we presented him with an almost impossible timeline for the implementation of the new ERP system! We wanted to launch on November 25, but there was still a lot of work to do. Peter indicated that it would be a challenge, but he didn't flinch. He quickly established the Aiden team and they immediately began working with the WaterBear team. Since then, they have shown what they can do and it has been impressive, especially considering the additional challenges of the pandemic!"

The implementation and its impact

The implementation demonstrated that the effort to standardize professional services is paying off. This accelerates the effective implementation. Victor Edward Eckard, Managing Director at WaterBear Network, emphasizes:

"We have never experienced this situation exactly like this and we are very positive about Aiden's work. The team worked long hours and we completed the project on time. Aiden's project manager Barbara Schoones was always there for us."

The entire WaterBear team was trained by Aiden in a span of two weeks through interactive workshops. Business ByDesign is a SAP Cloud solution based on 36 standard business processes. In the service industry, there is a need for various elements, from customer registration to final billing.

The Aiden team that worked on the solution consisted of a pilot specialist, a consultant specializing in standard procurement and sales processes, and a technical consultant.

WaterBear is pleased with Aiden's excellent support: "There is always someone available to answer questions, and this system allows WaterBear to continue to grow and evolve," says Louis Botha.

"We were impressed with the Aiden project team's willingness to go the extra mile, and always in a friendly manner, never stressed," adds Victor Edward Eckard.

says Louis Botha. "With this SAP solution, which is excellent for the administrative side of accounting, I was able to conduct the external audit efficiently. When WaterBear opted for SAP, the organization did so with growth in mind. We are expanding rapidly: the platform currently [as of March 2021] has 50,000 members. We expect to be able to handle this growth with SAP Business ByDesign. At launch, it will undoubtedly prove to be a robust system, able to deal with multiple countries, complex issues, and various spin-offs in different currencies."


"We have maintained a strong relationship with Aiden since the initial launch," Louis continues. "I contact Aiden when I need technical support and additional services. The entire project was managed effectively, with no unexpected or excessive expenses. It was refreshing and innovative to see that they were so quick and proactive; they guided us through the entire process. We never needed to tell Aiden what we wanted from them; they got to work and it got done."


"WaterBear needed a financial system as soon as possible. That foundation is now in place, thanks to a great team effort in which key functionalities were developed within a month," concludes Aiden's project manager, Barbara Schoones. "At the same time, WaterBear now has the flexibility to expand the ERP system as business needs change. The project also provided a true enrichment of the two corporate cultures. For Aiden, this was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the company's commitment to contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals."


Since late 2020, WaterBear has been available in eight countries, including the Netherlands. The rest of Europe and Asia will follow later. "Over time, we will also consider implementing SAP's e-commerce solution and ticketing system. For now, we are just very happy that everything was ready in time for the launch, thanks to the hard work of our partners," Louis Botha concludes.

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We were impressed with the Aiden project team's willingness to go the extra mile, and always in a friendly manner, never stressed

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