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Amsterdam places domain  of Work  and  Participation with Aiden and partners

Municipality of Amsterdam sees service provision as a decisive factor in the path to work
Focus on the resident, professional, employer and provider. For the municipality of Amsterdam, this approach and way of working contributes to optimal support on the route to work and social participation. To achieve this, a modernized, integrated and adaptable information system is needed.
For this reason, the Work, Participation and Income Directorate of the Municipality of Amsterdam was looking for a partner, and Aiden's services and solutions fit in perfectly with this vision and approach.

Amsterdam finds her  low code partner in Aiden

In the coming decade, we will together develop services for the residents of Amsterdam. The Mendix low code platform that Aiden uses for the municipality of Amsterdam offers the flexibility to realize this task. We develop, implement, manage and maintain the information systems within the domain of Work, Participation and Income. Aiden develops the application components of this service via the Mendix low code platform.

In collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam and partners, we are working on an integrated solution that fits seamlessly with the Amsterdam situation

In this project we are partners of PinkRoccade Local Government, together with Jobport and Werkstap as robust and innovative SaaS suppliers in the Work & Participation domain. Accenture also contributes with all its knowledge and experience within the Work & Income domain and as a high-quality Global System Integrator. The partners have a strong track record and an excellent reputation.

Through the Mendix low code platform, Aiden facilitates a personalized customer journey that will give nearly 900,000 residents access from 2023 to the software of the collaborating partners in this project 

The personalized service gives Amsterdam residents more control. Thanks to multichannel services, there is one data and process reality for all users. The effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation within the domains will increase, so that more residents of Amsterdam can participate and work in society, while at the same time reducing implementation costs.