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SAP Business Technology Platform facilitates your digital transformation in these three ways

You may have heard a lot about SAP Business Technology Platform lately. But what exactly is it? Does it help you with integrations and automations? Is it a workflow tool? Can you build apps and interfaces with it? The shortest answer is: yes. And then we also skip a lot of possibilities. In this blog we will discuss three important possibilities of SAP's digital toolbox.

Let's start at the beginning. What exactly is BTP? You can best see SAP Business Technology Platform as a layer or shell that surrounds your systems and applications. This can be an ERP environment such as​​​​​​​ SAP S/4HANA. But you can also think of other Line of Business solutions (such as Customer Experience or Spend Management) and SaaS solutions from SAP.

That digital BTP shell is a Swiss army knife; a smart toolbox packed with tools that help you do even more with your systems. You can bring just about any innovation you can think of with SAP BTP. At the same time, and that's the great thing, you don't touch your ERP system, the Digital Core of your organization. This one keeps you clean, lean and mean. All expansions, experiments and innovations take place in the shell around it. This keeps the core of your IT landscape 'clean' and that is important. Because in that core all standard business processes are completed and data is stored. It is your system of records, the foundation of your organization. By keeping the core clean, your system continues to perform optimally and at the same time you ensure that you can respond more easily to changing circumstances and wishes of colleagues and your customers. Ease of use and speed are of paramount importance.

Watch our video with Peter Geelen in which he tells more about Aiden's vision on innovation and SAP BTP.

SAP BTP helps you with three major things that are indispensable for just about every innovation imaginable:
  • Create complex integrations between your systems and just about any other solution.
  • Expand your system landscape with innovative apps and extensions.
  • Unlocking the value of data in various ways.
Integrate your systems

Your company's Digital Core feeds all kinds of other systems. And vice versa, your ERP solution is fed by all kinds of adjacent applications. In the past, the integration of systems and data flows was a complex operation. SAP Business Technology Platform makes integration a lot easier. By default, SAP BTP has thousands of ready-to-use integrations and connectors on board. This makes it easy to arrange the close integration of your entire system landscape. And do you want to integrate a system for which no standard connection is available? Then you can easily develop such an integration in SAP BTP. This has made innovation much easier. And all this without increasing the complexity of your landscape.

Expand your system landscape

Your ERP system forms your Digital Core; the core of your organization. The apps and systems that make your organization truly innovative and distinctive are not included here. These Systems of Innovation extract data from your ERP system. They interact with the processes that take place there. They work with data from the system and may also add data, but they are not part of it.

With SAP Business Technology Platform you put a smart digital shell around ERP and your other Line of Business and SaaS solutions. In and on that shell you can quickly, easily and affordably build all kinds of extensions and create integrations that ensure distinctiveness. In addition, you can also use SAP BTP to set up and adjust process extensions. All innovations, extensions and complex data processes take place in SAP BTP. As a result, the Digital Core remains clean and unaffected.

Getting maximum value from data

With SAP BTP you convert data into analyzes that provide real added value. BTP is the place where you can bring all kinds of data streams from SAP and other sources together. The business context of all the data you bring together is preserved; all metadata is included. A number in BTP is therefore never just that number. BTP also knows where that number comes from, when it came into existence and what path it has traveled. Because the data you work with is so much richer, you can create much more advanced insights, schedules, predictions and scenarios without great effort. You can then easily return all these things in other SAP applications. In this way you stimulate making more informed decisions at the right time. Everyone in your organization plans with confidence based on reliable data.

Take the next step

Depending on your situation and your ambition, certain options of SAP BTP are more or less interesting for your organization. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of BTP? Or do you have SAP BTP and do you want to explore what you can get even more out of the system? Then you've come to the right place at Aiden. Our experts combine knowledge of your business and your processes with an in-depth understanding of the many possibilities SAP BTP has to offer.

Want to know more on SAP BTP? We are happy to advise! Please contact us via our contact page.