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Consumers who expect more but want to pay less and less, crises that bring the whole world to a standstill, and a new competitor popping up almost every month. Businesses operating in the Consumer Products industry must always be alert. With a scalable IT environment, an agile supply chain, and control of business operations thanks to data insights, Consumer Products companies will be able to meet any challenge.

From traditional to Direct to Consumer

Many businesses in the Consumer Products sector are seeing product demand vary more frequently and more intensely, for example due to global developments such as an aging population and new emerging markets. What's more, consumers want to pay less and less for better quality, have products delivered faster, and be able to return them just as easily. As a result, an increasing number of Consumer Products businesses are being forced to move away from their traditional methods. For example, by delivering directly to consumers, without intermediaries (Direct to Consumer). In order to achieve this and quickly respond to new product requirements, you need a flexible and scalable supply chain.

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Keeping up with all these developments demands a lot from your company. You need optimal insight into customers to know exactly what they expect and when. You must have insight into your inventories, raw materials and suppliers so that you can always deliver. You need a flexible organization that can respond effortlessly to macro-economic changes. And you need a modern digital strategy that enables your company to serve consumers to the fullest and to fluently support key processes such as Finance, Supply Chain Management and Production.

Overcome the challenges in Consumer Products

Aiden helps you overcome the challenges present in this dynamic industry. We bring processes and technology together. We always do this together with you, in consultation and connection. With our IT solutions and services, we ensure that your IT environment is flexible, fully integrated and scalable.

Data plays an indispensable role here. Business Intelligence gives you advanced insights into customer behavior and business processes. And thanks to predictive algorithms, you can eventually even forecast behavior. By ensuring that your systems can be easily interconnected, we prepare you for Direct to Consumer so you can realize an agile supply chain.

Consumer Products

Whether you're a growing organization or an established name, Aiden is your one-stop shop at every stage of your company's life. Our extensive knowledge of the entire SAP portfolio, combined with additional self-developed software, allows us to grow with you seamlessly. By combining our experience in the industry with the accumulated knowledge of your business processes, we offer unique added value to your business.