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The accessibility and availability of information is becoming increasingly important in our 24/7 economy. This requires your IT architecture to offer high availability, scalability and flexibility. Aiden Private Cloud helps you do that.

Benefit from an affordable and scalable platform

Aiden provides you with a scalable, flexible and affordable infrastructure for hosting your applications. It doesn't matter whether you are using traditional SAP solutions or have already switched to HANA.

With Aiden Private Cloud, you have an affordable infrastructure that fully meets your performance and capacity requirements and is ready for future growth. And do you temporarily need extra storage, memory or computing power? Or do you need an additional SAP environment in the interim? Then our support staff will organize it in no time.

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The Aiden Private Cloud is hosted in multiple professional, certified data centers. Our server park is equipped with all the facilities needed to guarantee the reliable operation of your systems. These include access control, camera security, secure server rooms, air conditioning, emergency power supplies, fire and smoke detection, and the associated extinguishing systems. Moreover, all facilities are redundant. Should any environment nevertheless go down, we take action immediately.

We offer various hosting levels. Depending on the hosting level, we make firm agreements on matters such as availability, recovery time in the event of calamities (RTO, or Recovery Time Objective), and minimization of data loss (RPO, or Recovery Point Objective).

Cloud Hosting

With the Aiden Private Cloud, you can rely on high availability at a low cost. You choose the settlement model that best suits your situation: pay-per-use or a fixed all-in price per user.

Pay per user or based on use

If you choose pay-per-use, you only pay for the actual use of the cloud infrastructure. We then make separate agreements on matters such as technical application management, patch management, functional support, and application release upgrades.

Do you want to know exactly what to expect? In that case, you can opt for a fixed, all-in price. You then periodically pay a fixed amount per user. This amount includes all costs, including cloud infrastructure, technical application management, patch management, support and application release upgrades.

Discover the benefits of Aiden Private Cloud
01. Cost efficiency

High availability at a low cost

02. Support

Personal and approachable contact with the support department

03. Pricing

Attractive pricing on a per-use or per-user basis

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