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There's no industry developing faster than the world of e-commerce. What is brand new today becomes tomorrow's standard. How do you keep up with that? How do you continue to offer value to customers? A flexible and stable e-commerce platform that is seamlessly linked to your SAP ERP system gives you the agility you need to deliver the best customer experience at all times.

Integrate e-commerce platform with SAP

E-commerce is more than just a web shop. Customers expect an excellent shopping experience on any device and via every channel. That is why you need an omni-channel strategy, in which every moment of contact with a customer creates added value.

By linking your e-commerce platform to your SAP ERP system, you control all aspects of a successful omni-channel approach. Among other things, you ensure adequate inventories, fast delivery times, optimal communication, and an easy return process (online or at a store).

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View and download our Magento Connector product sheet for more information.

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In order to realize the best omni-channel method, you obviously want to have all tools at your disposal. That's why Aiden is your ideal partner for e-commerce. We have been specialists in Magento and Magento 2 for years, we know SAP like the back of our hand, and we have extensive knowledge of physical store processes thanks to our retail solutions. In addition, we have enabled dozens of integrations with suppliers, marketplaces and carriers. Aiden is the one-stop-shop to assist you in all steps of the e-commerce chain.

Get to work with Aiden

Our e-commerce team is at your service! Together, we look for the best solution to your e-commerce challenge. An e-commerce project always starts with an inventory of your wishes. Of course, we take our time to do this right. Together, we then determine the scope of the project, taking into account our experience and best practices.

We can help you in every step of your e-commerce strategy. From just the realization of your web shop or its integration with your ERP system to setting up a complete e-commerce platform that puts you in charge.


Are you starting as a small web shop and do you want to grow into an organization that operates internationally? Aiden easily grows with you. As a one-stop shop, we have everything to support you with the best IT solutions and services at every stage. From SAP Business One for businesses with a few employees to S/4HANA for enterprises.

Aiden offers the following for e-commerce:
01. Integration

Most extensive and complete integration of your web shop with the entire SAP portfolio

02. Omni-channel strategy

Perfect basis for an omni-channel strategy

03. End-to-end support

End-to-end support: from web shops and stores to ERP and integration

04. Magento 2

ERP functions embedded in Magento 2

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