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Combine, accelerate, migrate and innovate with Mendix on top of SAP. Get the most out of both systems and make a difference in your entire organization.

Mendix on top of SAP

No customization on SAP is a utopia. By combining Mendix with SAP you make use of the power of both. Make all the difference today for tomorrow.

The Mendix platform is designed in such a way that business users can easily create applications super fast with low-code, or even no-code. Integrating with other applications, such as SAP, via standard APIs is easy to achieve. Very user-friendly, modern user interfaces, which can run directly on any device and can use all available native mobile options, ensure high user acceptance and convenience.

‘A Match made in heaven’

Many organizations rely on SAP solutions at the core of their business operations. From financial administration to the purchasing and sales process and from invoicing to contract management. In many cases, SAP supports the primary processes and reaches across almost all departments in an organization and is therefore indispensable in the global business community. Every organization tries to make optimal use of the power of the system. Research by Smart Profile shows that SAP is still the most common ERP supplier in the Netherlands at 30.2 percent.

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Combine. With the combination of Mendix and SAP you always go for the best solution. Use an app in Mendix that communicates to your SAP backend, analyzes the right data and gives you the perfect insight into your processes and organization.

Accelerate. Maximize your Time-to-Value and stay ahead of your competition. Do this by quickly bringing the latest apps live and reducing your development time by 75 percent!​​​​​​​

Migrate. Use Mendix to convert your SAP customization before your S/4HANA migration, making your migration faster, simpler and cheaper!​​​​​​​

Innovate. Build apps together with Mendix and SAP that use the latest technologies and be ready today for tomorrow!
Mendix on top of SAP
Due to the changes, global trends and developments implemented by SAP itself, the landscape is constantly changing. As a result, adjustments are still necessary.
  • SAP asks users to switch to SAP S/4HANA and thereby standardize many processes;
  • The world is changing very fast and demands fast adaptability in both business and IT. As a result, collaboration is of vital importance;
  • Companies want to innovate and gain competitive advantage by being 'different';
  • Costs must be reduced, production must be increased and margins must be increased as well.

If you put these challenges together, you will see that they sometimes require organizational change. You may also have to implement a technological change. In the majority, however, both changes will be necessary. The speed at which new functionalities have to be developed is increased daily. Although SAP applications are very powerful business systems, it is not always easy to quickly make adjustments or develop new functionalities that exactly meet the needs of your company. SAP can sometimes feel like a too-tight jacket that just doesn't give companies the freedom of movement they need. And that's a shame. In addition, many SAP S/4HANA systems will only make this tight jacket even stronger.

Fortunately, SAP has an answer for this, and they deal with all the frustrations. Mendix on top of SAP, a strategic move that combines the power of two worlds into 'a match made in heaven'.

01. Keep your core clean

Keep your SAP core clean and build customization in Mendix; on top of SAP.

02. Enjoy lower costs

Take advantage of lower costs on your SAP management through a standard SAP environment with a flexible layer in Mendix.

03. Innovation

Use 80% of your time for innovation. Start today with the future of tomorrow.

04. Accelerate development

Immediately meet the changing demand from the business, IT or customer by using IoT, ML, Block chain and big data.

05. Even more efficient

Develop multi-channel applications for process optimization and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. The great user experience gives an extra advantage for your users and business partners.

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