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Provide a customer-friendly on-site shopping experience with the Aiden Retail point-of-sale solution. With this user-friendly application developed in house, you create a modern shopping experience for both B2C and B2B, including seamless integration with your SAP ERP system. This allows you to retain maximum control over your entire sales process.

Point-of-sale solution for various retail environments

The Aiden Retail POS solution is suitable for various retail environments. For example, the solution works in environments where customers want to pay for products and take them home directly. But it also works in shop floor situations where customers pay after placing an order and collect the order later or have it delivered. The solution has a unique suitable interface for every retail situation, such as a separate point-of-sale interface, a showroom interface and a self-scan interface.

Aiden Retail registers sales and the agreements made with them, such as payments and delivery methods. This way, each employee knows the exact status of orders and sales.

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Aiden Retail is available both in a cloud environment and on-premises. The solution works on virtually any device, including those from Apple, Windows and Android. It also offers various standard integrations with external systems, such as Intersolve (for gift cards), AppleCare (for Apple maintenance appointments) and and (for address entry support).

Aiden Retail

The implementation process starts with a demonstration of the possibilities of Aiden Retail and an inventory of your needs. The inventory takes two days at most. An experienced consultant will go over the current sales processes with you. Together with key users, we determine whether we can make processes faster and better. Then we look at how to implement the optimized processes in the application.

The next step is an implementation plan: What does Aiden do and what does your company do? Which functionalities are needed for the sales processes? Which ones might follow later? Is anything else needed in terms of infrastructure (such as more powerful coverage of the existing Wi-Fi network) or peripherals? And how much training and instruction is needed?

A schedule and the actual implementation of the POS solution follows next.

Do you prefer a basic setup? Then we will take care of it for you using a template implementation.

01. Seamless integration

Seamless integration with your SAP ERP system

02. Own development team

Development and updates by our own development team

03. Competitive pricing

Attractive licensing model

04. Valued solution

Currently, over 30 million sales transactions and more than 4,000 users

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