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Among other things, good warehouse management requires up-to-date inventory management, accurate order picking, and clear coordination between logistical processes. WarehousePro makes this easier than ever, thanks to a direct connection between your warehouse and SAP Business One. This allows you to work faster and more accurately and to save costs.

Logistical operations directly in your ERP system

WarehousePro is suitable for any organization that maintains its own inventory. It doesn't matter whether you have one warehouse employee or more than two hundred.

The WarehousePro solution is an extension of the capabilities of your SAP ERP system. It makes SAP Business One accessible via a mobile device, which allows warehouse workers to record their actions directly in the ERP system. No slow synchronization, but directly into your system.

This ensures that your ERP system is always up-to-date and has the latest information from your warehouse. Inventory levels are then more accurate, so you know exactly whether there is enough stock for a specific customer. This increases your efficiency and improves your customer service.

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WarehousePro is developed in close consultation with users. This ensures that the solution is exactly in line with daily experience. We always develop new expansions in consultation with users, as well, so that WarehousePro's functionalities continue to fully match the challenges of warehouse management. Updates appear several times a year to optimize processes and add new functionalities. Its installation is extremely easy, so you always benefit immediately from the latest version of WarehousePro.

Get started quickly with better warehouse management

The implementation process starts with a demonstration of the possibilities of WarehousePro and an inventory of your needs. This inventory takes two days at most. An experienced consultant will go over the current warehouse processes with you. Together with key users, we determine whether processes can be made faster and better. Then we look at how to optimally implement the processes in the solution.

Aiden WarehousePro

WarehousePro is installed in your SAP Business One environment. As a result, the solution is intertwined with all your business processes. The application's mobile interface is an HTML5 web application that offers users a simple workflow with targeted tasks, such as collecting items in the warehouse or putting them away. WarehousePro guides your warehouse employees in all their actions. WarehousePro also connects seamlessly with external hardware, such as barcode scanners, (label) printers or scales.

In SAP Business One, you can use the application to monitor all warehouse processes. You can then easily create extensive management reports from the data collected.


The next step is an implementation plan: What does Aiden do and what does your company do? Which functionalities are needed for the warehouse processes? Which ones might follow later? Is anything else needed in terms of infrastructure (such as more powerful coverage of the existing Wi-Fi network) or peripherals? And how much training and instruction is needed?

What follows is the schedule and the actual implementation of the warehouse management solution.

01. Simplified workflow

Highly simplified workflow of logistical processes

02. Integration options

Full integration with SAP Business One

03. Always compatible

Always compatible with the latest patches of SAP Business One

04. Own development team

Development and updates by our own development team

05. Expansion is easily possible

Additional functionalities and links are easy to realize

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