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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the integration of data between IT systems without human intervention. Flow is Aiden's EDI solution. Flow integrates communication technology and specific software with which the information systems of companies exchange commercial, logistics or tax data in a transparent manner.

EDI Outsourcing
Large organizations often put pressure on suppliers and customers to adopt EDI. Do you want to apply EDI in your organization but do you not have enough knowledge and skills to implement it successfully? Then Flow is the right solution for your company. By choosing Flow and EDI as a Service, you assure yourself of support and expertise in this area, so that your organization can fully concentrate on what it does best.
With EDI & Flow:
  • You strengthen your relationship with customers and suppliers
  • You reduce the chance of errors
  • You take care of less paperwork
  • You increase efficiency
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Aiden provides the solution from its EDI network to open up the B2B message traffic for companies to its suppliers and customers. Flow supports:
  • EDI Procure 2 Pay business flows for, among other things, the submission of EDI purchase orders, delivery plans, purchase confirmations, deliveries and final invoices
  • Messages from the sales processes (Order 2 Cash)
  • The possibility to completely digitize the total End-to-End process at customers

    Aiden implements these EDI connections for different types of companies that have to comply with, for example, industry standards for the automotive, trading companies and the food industry.

Protecting information is essential for businesses in today's modern, connected world. Ensuring the security of that data is an integral part of Flow:

  • Ensures you comply with the latest best practices, controls and industry standards.
  • Information security controls to address security risks and protect and secure data
  • Aiden and the Flow platform are ISO 27001 certified
  • Flow is completely GDPR-proof
  • Flow uses Transport Layer Security 1.2 and 1.3

Logistics Messaging

The Aiden Logistics Network (ALN) makes it possible to automate third-party warehouses and the associated logistics flows from inbound to outbound. Flow offers:

  • Warehouses that need to be controlled by best before date for the food industry
  • Consignment stock processes when it comes to specific customer stock
  • The possibility to link with various carriers and express parcel services
  • Insight and control over the booking of the shipment up to the tracking and proof of delivery
01. Cost reduction

Save on investments in hardware and software

02. Subscription based

Profitable subscription rates

03. For every industry

Suitable for any type of business

04. Links with third parties

Links with partners without EDI are also possible.

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