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Go make the core clean

Follow SAP's “Keep the core clean” strategy! Clean your SAP core with Mendix and make the migration to SAP S/4HANA faster, cheaper and simpler. That's why we say, Go make the core clean!

Carefree migration to SAP S/4HANA!

In February 2020, SAP announced that it would continue to support SAP Business Suite 7 by default until 2027 instead of 2025, making a migration to S/4HANA seem inevitable. SAP does indicate that it will offer support for S/4HANA until at least 2040. As a result, one can count on one fixed value for the next 20 years: a reliable, versatile ERP system.

The next step

This promise gives many organizations the opportunity to not only see this migration as a technical migration, but to approach it as a business transformation! But does the shift from 2025 to 2027 mean we can take it easy? We don't think so. We do believe that the delay of 2 years offers organizations time and peace of mind to see this migration as a business transformation and not as a pure technological 'upgrade'.

The migration process may become more extensive, but on the other hand, you also have more time to think about aspects that reduce the impact of the entire migration. An example of this is customization. 62% of SAP companies indicate that customization is a major challenge in the migration to S/4HANA, so it is clear that a solution must be found.


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We all know that 'no customization at all' in SAP is a utopia; almost every organization is unique and this includes unique processes. Moreover, everything around you changes at lightning speed, including the wishes of your customers and your internal business. There is a solution: Mendix. With this you meet the customers and the business in meeting their demands and you keep the SAP S/4HANA system as 'clean' as possible. Mendix is the only low-code platform that runs on the S/4HANA Cloud platform.

Go make the core clean with Aiden

As both an official Mendix and a SAP partner, we have developed a method that enables SAP organizations to transfer the customization that is currently present in SAP core to Mendix and thus make the migration simpler, faster and cheaper. to make.
Experience shows that 62% want to retain unique processes and see this as a challenge in the migration to S/4HANA, partly because of keep the core clean. Given the current developments around Covid19 and the market movements in which business and customer demand can change every day, this percentage will continue to increase. This developed method is fully integrated into the SAP Activate method and is an addition to the existing SAP migration plan. This provides an addition to, rather than a disruption of, your migration plans. So are you one of the 56% who are already making plans, or the 12% who don't have a migration plan yet? Then this is the time to start with 'go make the core clean'.
Go make the core clean
Mendix and SAP are 'a match made in heaven', combine this with the years of knowledge and project, operational and process experience of both worlds of Aiden and you have a golden combination. Aiden connects the core of SAP business processes with smart solutions in Mendix, creating a golden combination in which both systems optimally reinforce each other and the power of both becomes available to the entire organization. Whether it concerns an innovation application, operational efficiency, customer engagement or migration apps. Combine Mendix and SAP with Aiden, and get the best of three worlds.
01. Cost reduction

Customization in Mendix means a cost reduction of both the SAP management and the development of SAP customization on your core

02. Less business disturbance

Your business processes do not come to a standstill and this allows your business to continue as usual.

03. Less risks

Less chance of high costs and longer lead times of your migration to S/4HANA

04. Innovation

You can immediately start with the future of tomorrow

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