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Every customer has different wishes and needs, yet you want to keep them all satisfied. The better your relationship with your customers, the more likely they are to stay. This requires crystal-clear insight into your customers as well as excellent service. SAP Customer Experience gives you the right IT solutions to effortlessly acquire and retain your customers.

Create loyal customers with SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Customers are more demanding and critical than ever. What's more, they expect you to keep coming up with something new. By really understanding what your customers want, you will be better able to respond to their wishes and create added value for them.

With SAP Sales and Service Cloud, you can easily meet all your current and future CRM and customer service challenges. Seamless cooperation between sales and service can dramatically improve customer loyalty and retention.


Aiden is SAP Channel CX Partner

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With SAP Service Cloud, you can improve your customer service in no time. Such as with the Omni-channel Service, which allows you to offer the same reliable and personal service through all your channels. In addition, SAP Service Cloud gives your employees easy insight into all customer interactions so they can serve customers better and faster. The Service Cloud also offers a convenient self-service portal for your customers as a standard feature.

SAP Customer Experience

SAP Sales Cloud offers optimal support for all your sales activities. For example, benefit from a 360-degree view of your customers with all customer data from your CRM, Customer Support and ERP in one overview. Focus on closing deals with a greater chance of success through intelligent lead and opportunity management. Or trigger interested parties based on their response to your e-mails, fully automatically.

With Aiden and SAP Customer Experience, you'll find the right path to greater customer satisfaction.
01. Expertise

Expert consultants with in-depth knowledge of SAP and various industries

02. Experience with end-to-end processes

Extensive knowledge of and experience with end-to-end processes, including CRM and Customer Support

03. Short implementation processes

Short implementation processes with personal contact and a human touch.

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